Ensuring your VAT compliance process is in order is becoming increasingly important. Revenue VAT verification checks and audits are now more and more frequent with queries being raised and VAT reclaims disallowed in scenarios where invoices aren’t valid for VAT purposes, the incorrect VAT treatment is being applied to transactions or where cross-border transactions are not being accounted for correctly.

How we can help

Our specialist VAT team can help you understand your VAT obligations to ensure your VAT returns are filed correctly and that sales and purchase transactions comply with Irish and EU VAT law. As many taxpayers are not aware of the various invoicing requirements or VAT place of supply rules, we can outline any issues in advance of and during the VAT return preparation process to help reduce the risk of Revenue disallowing a VAT reclaim if a verification check is raised.

We also provide assistance in respect of queries raised by Revenue in respect of returns prepared by clients and advise of any issues which may arise and improvements which can be made.

In addition, our experienced team offer practical advice in respect of all aspects of VAT e.g. international transactions, property transactions, etc. to ensure such transactions are carried out in accordance with Irish VAT law. If you are engaged in domestic or cross-border transactions, we can advise as to whether Irish VAT should apply to the transaction and if so, the VAT rate applicable as well as advising as to whether a VAT recovery entitlement exists. VAT in respect of property transactions can be complex and varies with each transaction. We offer advice not only with regard to the VAT treatment of the underlying transactions (e.g. sale, purchase, letting), but also advise clients with regard to the implications to be considered when undertaking future transactions in respect of the property.

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Our VAT compliance service includes

  • Preparation of periodic VAT returns as well as annual return of trading details;

  • Preparation of VIES and Intrastat returns where applicable;

  • Review of invoices where provided to ensure they meet Irish VAT invoicing requirements and to ensure supplies have been correctly treated from a VAT perspective;

  • Provision of advice to clients where invoices are not valid for VAT purposes or where the incorrect VAT treatment is applied;

  • Assistance with VAT verification checks in situations both where HLB or the client have prepared the periodic VAT return;

  • Liaising with the Revenue Commissioners and dealing with correspondence;

  • Provision of advice in respect of VAT rates, treatments, procedures to be applied to transaction in advance of transactions being undertaken.

  • Provision of advice and assistance in connection with VAT cash-flow and how this can be improved.

Why HLB Sheehan Quinn

Our tax team includes specialist VAT advisors who will review your VATable transaction to ensure compliance with Irish VAT law. When preparing your VAT return, we will identify any potential issues to ensure your VAT affairs are in order in advance of any Revenue queries to ensure VAT refunds are processed in a timely manner.

HLB Sheehan Quinn is part of the HLB international network of advisory firms. We offer a full suite of international tax compliance services to ensure that any non-Irish tax obligations are also met.

If you have any queries in relation to your VAT affairs or would like to speak to a member of our Tax advisory department, please contact us to arrange an introductory call or meeting. We’d be happy to hear from you.