Office 365

Office 365 is a suite of apps and services, designed to help you grow your business. Depending on your plan office 365 comes with a host of applications that may help you run your business more efficiently.

Get apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, updated monthly with the latest features and security updates.

Why use Office 365

  • Spam
    Microsoft has built multiple spam filters into your Office 365 or Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service, so your email is protected from the moment you receive your first message. Office365 gives you the ability to configure addition spam filtering policies if needed.
  • Cost
    If your running exchange or another email service in your office. The cost of running the email system when you factor in data storage, licensing & support and upgrade costs. Nearly always costs more than running your mail system in Office365.
  • Compliance
    Office 365 is full of tools and resources to help you organise and automate your data.
  • Advanced Data Governance
    The Office 365 suite provides you intelligence and machine-assisted insights to help you find, classify, set policies on, and take steps to manage the data most important to your organisation. The machine learning technologies power precise search capabilities to help your company to find text and metadata in content across your Office 365 assets and quickly identify important and relevant documents.
  • Data Loss Prevention
    With Office 365 you can identify over 80 common sensitive data types (including financial, medical, and personally identifiable information), or configure actions to protect confidential information and prevent its accidental disclosure.
  • Advanced Threat Protection
    Office 365 allows you to protect your email against new, sophisticated malware attacks in real time and enables your company to create policies to protect users against malicious email threats.
  • Advanced Security Management
    Helps you identify high-risk and abnormal usage, alerts you to potential breaches, and allows you to create policies to track high-risk actions.
  • Threat Intelligence
    Deep insights into advanced threats help you quickly and effectively enable alerts, dynamic policies, and security solutions.
  • Office 365 Audit Logs
    Enable you to monitor and track user and administrator activities across workloads in Office 365, which help with early detection and investigation of security and compliance issues.

To know how Office365 works and how beneficial it is for your company, download the IT Sector brochure or contact our expert.


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