Accountants, Taxation & Business Advisors


We will ensure compliance with all relevant payroll regulations and legislation, and have specialists within the business to address any queries you may have.

Our tailored payroll service includes the following:

Payroll Processing

  • Executive Payroll
  • SMEs
  • Enterprise
  • International Start Ups

Payroll reporting

  • PAYE Modernisation
  • Gross to net reports
  • Revenue returns
  • Management Reporting

Payroll Consultancy & efficient tax planning

  • Mobile Workforce Solutions
  • Employee remuneration options
  • Employment Benefits and taxation
  • Payroll audit
  • Termination payments

Supplementary services

  • Human resource support
  • Employee contracts
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee pensions and PRSA


To read more on PAYE Modernisation for Business Owners, click here.

Get prepared for PAYE modernisation - A quick guide for Irish Business

Adrian Barrett

Head of Accounting and Outsourcing
Maura Duffy

Maura Duffy

Audit & Business Advisory Partner
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