HR Support

The people within your organisation can be your biggest asset, so the effective management of them is essential.

Our experts can provide HR support and advise businesses of all sizes, across several sectors, at various stages of the business life cycle. Whether you are setting up in Ireland for the first time, or have a business for generations,  we can provide practical, cost-effective solutions. We understand that HR can be complicated so our team provide consultation on the full remit of this area. Hourly sessions allow us to work closely with each of our clients and design a tailored solution that best suits their business.

For businesses moving to Ireland, consultations can cover areas such as registering as an employer in Ireland, which would include a template employee contract and a personalised employee handbook for your business.

We provide a range of services especially formulated to suit your organisation’s individual needs. These services can include:

  • HR Audit
  • Establishing an efficient recruitment and selection process
  • Legal compliance – issuing Contracts of Employment & Company Handbooks
  • Implementing HR Policies & Procedures
  • Designing appropriate policies such as bullying or harassment, code of conduct/ethics and whistleblowing policies
  • Putting in place Staff Performance Review Process
  • Improving employer / employee relations
  • Advising on organisation structure and design
  • Change management
  • Help and advice with complicated disciplinary matters
  • Assistance in organising staff resources appropriately and correctly managing redundancies
  • Ongoing support and expertise for any ad-hoc queries & issues that arise

HR Policies

HR Policies are important to the successful management of a work force, supporting management in their roles and providing a context for employees to make judgements about behaviour and work standards. Properly drafted and communicated policies support organisational effectiveness, flexibility and change management.


Everyone within an organisation, including HR, Payroll, Tax and Finance need to play their part in minimising risk, controlling costs and improving compliance processes. A proactive approach to compliance across all departments and activities can reduce risk and improve your and your company’s reputation.

We can work with you to ensure that your team have the relevant controls and frameworks in place to allow you to concentrate on your business.

Some benefits of seeking assistance in improving your HR function:

  • Efficiency – Excellent HR contributes significantly to overall organisation efficiency.
  • Risk Prevention – Your exposure to legal/ethical risks that can be damaging and costly to resolve will be immediately reduced.
  • Cutting Costs – HR and administration expenses will be properly controlled.
  • Eliminate Time Sinks – A large amount of time will be saved by dealing directly with HR experts.
  • Objectivity – External assistance with HR can remove the “politics” from the situation. In other words, any risk of conflict of interests or clashing personalities among personnel will be eliminated, enabling a more focused and managed process.
  • Confidence & Comfort – You can rest assured knowing that your HR function is in good hands.

Our HR Support service is headed up by Suzanne Healy. Suzanne has extensive experience in providing HR services across a range of industries both in Ireland and overseas, and can provide your organisation with excellent support and advice. See Suzanne’s full profile here.

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