Owner Managers

Owner managers and entrepreneurs are faced with the task of balancing the day-to-day management of their businesses, often with limited resources.

An entrepreneur often requires financial expertise to establish sustainable management and financial systems. Solid experience and advice are needed to accomplish their goals.

What do we do?

HLB Sheehan Quinn works with numerous sized enterprises and provides them with all of the necessary resources needed to help build a stronger company from the inside out, and when needed, to assist with exit strategies.

Our Services:

We will give a cost-effective quality service to meet our client’s needs, including setting up and maintaining company secretarial compliance, tax registrations and on-going compliance along with annual accounts services and audit.

We provide practical support in areas including R&D tax credits, exploitation of intellectual property, minimising the impact of corporate and withholding taxes, revenue recognition and intangible asset capitalisation, valuations, acquisitions and disposals, key employee incentive and retention schemes and preparing our clients business for funding rounds or an exit.

For more information on our services for owner-managers see:

To help you realise the value of your company and to contribute to a more profitable and efficient business, do not hesitate to get in touch.



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