At HLB Sheehan Quinn, we believe it’s important to share market insights with our clients and contacts. We have recently carried out a survey focusing on a number of key questions on how business owners assess risks and opportunities for their business in 2017. 

Growth and succession planning is an essential part of doing business, no matter how certain your future appears. We have focused our survey on understanding how business owners feel about what 2017 will bring regarding succession, Brexit and future growth. 

Our global reach through HLB International enables us to assist clients with an international focus on structuring and growing their business in existing and new markets. 

Planning effectively for succession is a continued risk. 

The findings of the survey are detailed within this report.  I would like to thank four of our clients who kindly agreed to participate in our videos. 


If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Many thanks, 


Mark Butler, Managing Partner




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