Personal Income Tax Returns 2010

The deadline for preparation and submission of 2010 income tax returns is fast approaching.

The general filing deadline for the current year is October 31 2011.

For those filing and paying through Revenue’s Online Service (ROS) an extended deadline of 15 November applies. Please note to avail of this extension you must pay & file through ROS. 

The deadline is also the date to pay any balance of income tax due for 2010, together with preliminary tax for 2011. 

Preliminary Tax is calculated as follows:

  • 90% of the final liability to tax for the current tax year (2011), or
  • 100% of the liability to tax for the immediate previous year (2010), or
  • 105% of the final liability to tax for the year preceding the immediate previous year (2009) where payment is made by direct debit.

The correct calculation of preliminary tax has become more complex due to the introduction of the Universal Social Charge (USC), as if your preliminary tax is based on 100% of your final 2010 liability you must calculate the 2010 liability as if the USC had been in place.

Therefore due to these further complex changes we request that you forward the information to allow us to prepare your return and calculate the correct tax liability for 2010 and preliminary tax for 2011 no later than the 30th September 2011.

Click to download our  checklist of the most common reliefs available which you can use when collating the information for your return. This document is intended to assist with maximising your claim for reliefs.

 Please contact  Mark Butter or Maura Duffy to discuss your return.

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