David O'Donnell talks about the benefits of his placement programme here at HLB Sheehan Quinn.

Experience in multiple departments

It allowed me to gain experience in and exposure to different financial departments such as audit, non-audit accounts preparation & taxation. This helped me choose which area I thought was right for me and also gain a lot of valuable knowledge in what’s required to work in those areas whether it be exemptions earned through college results or elective courses which are chosen at third level.

Networking connections

It allowed me to build relationships with people working in different financial areas and at different levels in their career, which is always valuable.

Provides valuable work experience

Due to completing the internship,  I was already familiar with the software which HLB operated and was able to get stuck in straight away.

Possible job opportunity

I felt that if the internship was successful and I did well then I could get a job at the end of it which was great for me as it allowed me to focus on my final year without the worry of securing a job.

Receive financial compensation

Opportunity to earn money in your field of interest rather than taking a part-time job for the summer.

Filling the gap between third-level education & my career

Taking the placement made my first day as a trainee accountant a lot less stressful as I knew exactly what I had signed up for and had already built relationships with people in the firm. It allowed me to make the choice that the firm was right for me before making a large commitment by signing a trainee contract.

Interested in a placement - What does it mean?
  • Time with the firm equally divided between Tax, Corporate Services, Audit and Assurance.

  • Assigned a mentor who is a specialist in each department.

  • Key learning goals given in each department which are measured at the end of the period.

  • Paid Internship requisite with package of a 1st year trainee accountant.

  • Client and peer Interaction from the start.

  • Advantage of experience when seeking a professional training contract.

If you would like to speak to us about our placement programme please contact us today. We'd be glad to hear from you