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A strong and flexible international network is indispensable in today’s business world. Ireland’s position as an EU Gateway is an attractive proposition to international firms looking to expand and gain access to valuable networks.

HLB Sheehan Quinn’s membership of HLB International is significantly helpful in this context, providing us with access to a broad network of global accountancy firms and business advisors. If you wish to expand your Irish business overseas and develop new global markets, we can help you. Many global companies are setting up operations in Ireland to take advantage of Ireland’s stable EU membership, as well as its skilled workforce and investment incentives. With our offices being within close proximity to Dublin City and Dublin Airport, we are ideally placed to provide the close personal support necessary for success. 

We at HLB Sheehan Quinn have established international helpdesks with our peer firms in the UK, USA and Asia, to help our clients with any international queries they may have in these ever-changing times.


International Help Desks

A range of international accounting and business advisory services tailored to your company’s needs.

US Help Desk

Our US help desk is in place to allow perspectives from our Irish experts and our American peer experts, to provide clients with rounded and comprehensive advice.
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UK Help Desk

Support for both Irish businesses trading in the UK and UK firms doing business in the UK, providing you with access to expertise from both sides of the Irish Sea.
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Asia Help Desk

With a deep understanding of both Asian and Irish business cultures, we are focused on assisting businesses from Asia establish a base in Ireland to gain access to Europe
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